Welcome to the all new Jazz Central Radio!!

We hope you enjoy the new website.  For those of you looking for wavjazz.net, you found us!!  We are not going anywhere.  In fact, we have grown to better serve you, our loyal listeners!  We are proud to introduce you to the all new WCJZ-DB, Jazz Central "After Hours."  For years now, many have expressed a desire for us to "slow things down," as it were, after the Sun goes down.  Well, as a programmer catering to a global audience, there is one huge problem with that.  While the Sun sets on the East Coast of the United States, it is rising in the Far East (where we have many loyal listeners, I might add).  So the only logical decision was to let our listeners slow things down whenever they wanted to, wherever they are on this big blue marble they call Earth.  So there you have it!!  Two terrific stations for the price of one, er, I mean, FREE!!  Absolutely FREE.  If you are a hardcore Contemporary Jazz fan like me, why spend money on satellite services or pay streams when you have Jazz Central and Jazz Central "After Hours."